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***We now sell SIX different brands! More detail on the Hire page (do try before you buy, it's the only way!!).***

Babboe - Urban Arrow - - Bertus - Tern - Nihola 


Based in East London we're a social enterprise that puts some of our sales, hires and events profits back into local community projects. So we're the ethical choice for buying a cargobike! 

We can deliver to elsewhere in the UK, please enquire. We also offer a full maintenance and warranty service with a year free basic services on new bike purchases.

What's the Carryme Bikes offer?
We often have our demo bikes for sale at a discount, because they have been used for hires and for demos with customers. Check out what's available below.

We also buy in new stock and sell at normal prices, which takes about 3 weeks. Sometimes we will have a new cargobike in stock that you can purchase straight away. 

If you hire from us, we take your hire costs off your purchase price of *any* bike from us. So you can hire one cargobike and buy another, with that hire cost taken off. (Not including any deposit we may have had to retain! But this happens very rarely as our customers are lovely and take a lot of care.) We normally cap this at a reasonable limit (e.g. £300) and keep it valid for up to 3 months.

We give a 5% discount on purchases for members of the LCC and Cycling UK on new bikes and accessories. This doesn't apply to hires, but we offer £10 off hires if you are a member of Cyclefox

We sell Babboe,, Bertus, Nihola, Tern, and Urban Arrow brands of cargobike.

What's for sale now?
You can make us an offer any time on any of the hire models we have. Sometimes we have one or two are our priority to sell at any one time, depending on how long they've been in the hire fleet. But we sometimes buy in new stock just for sale - just go ahead and ask us. And you can order in any of our models brand new; order times vary between brands and can be from one week to about 6 weeks (sometimes more) depending on season as well. 


SPECIAL OFFERS NOW ON SALE!!  ~ Scroll down to see ones that are new in stock - these are ex-demo!


** Extra £100 off if you purchase before 31st December 2019! **​


SHORT 2-WHEELER Azor Bakfiets - normal price £1,920  Now £1700 + FREE raintent for the box  £419 off. The classic Bakiets Short is a cute little cargobike with a small footprint but a big personality. This one in Petrol Blue frame colour is really classy and we've paired it with a creme raintent for extra visibility and panache. You can have two children inside the box on the bench, or one on the bench and a baby/small toddler on a support seat in the box, or one baby in a maxi cosi inside the box. Of course, with all Classic Bakfiets you can put a child seat on the back rack too. With 7 Shimano Nexus gears and all the things you need to just jump on and pedal - chaincase, coatguard, rear wheel lock, integrated dynamo lights, rear pannier rack, low step-through frame - Bakfiets have thought of everything!

Now SOLD - sorry! But we can place an order for a new one any time - contact us.

Contact us to book a test-ride! 

OR  Hire this one for same-day-return @ £35 (Weds, Thurs, Fri only), up to 4 nights @ £60, or up to one week @ £100.  (Remember, you get your hire fee off the purchase price too.)

Look at the beautiful 'petrol blue' colour of this one! (Not sure about the name of the colour.....)

Snug as a bug in a rug! Easily room for two inside the box on the bench. The youngest here is on a baby support seat too. A bike child seat can be added to the rear pannier rack that comes with the bike.


LONGTAIL FOLDING CARGOBIKE Tern Cargo Node - £1,995 - £1,900 -  £1,200  Now £800 + VAT (£960 total) including some accessories The Tern Cargo Node (TCN) is a wonderfully versatile *folding* cargobike meaning that you can get away with getting it on the train (outside peak hours!) and it can be stored in the house or a shed with relative ease. With the accessories we've added to it, you can attach 1 or 2 Yepp (Thule) Maxi seats on the back as well as have the enormous Xtracycle panniers. For older kids, seat-pads can be purchased (the 'magic carpet') and there are 'Hooptie' bars that go round the rack that they can hold on to, with another protective bar round the outside to protect their fingers. The TCN folds once in the middle and the handlebars fold down too, along with the seatpost sliding down if need be.

With 16 Shimano derailleur gears you can tackle those hills, and with Tern's fabulous adjustable handlebars and seatpost you can adjust it to be comfortable for you and switch between riders easily. You never have to worry about adding lights as they're built in dynamo lights on both the front and the back.

It can carry up to 160kg (350 lbs) and the Xtracycle panniers together with large back rack and board are versatile for those odd-shaped loads.

It's a really fab bike that will last you through from kids aged 9 months to taking adults on the back if you have the pedal power!

We have found that it's taller riders who feel more comfortable piloting this bike.

Contact us to book a test-ride, or book a Hire !  (You get your hire fee off the purchase price too.)

07725466842 or


NIHOLA FAMILY trike Normal price £2,450 including raintent and transparent front panel), Now £2,250 - more info coming soon!

Now SOLD but we'll have new stock in the new year!


NIHOLA 4.0 with -e-assist - normally £3,999 plus raintent @ £199. Our offer:  £2,800 including the raintent. £1398 discount means ONE THIRD OFF the price! It is just over one year old, has just had a service and some replacement parts, and the battery continues to perform very well. It's been a much-loved workhorse in our community projects, but now it's got to go to a loving 'forever home'! Be quick to bag this fabulous bargain.

This vehicle is also an excellent choice for businesses, with a load capacity of 120kg plus weight of the rider, and a large box with quickly-removable seats (no need for tools).

It has a fabulous capacity: up to 4 children on the benches, with Melia or Weber baby support seats for the youngest and littlest ones, that fit nicely on to the bench. You can also take out each bench separately without the need to use tools. The Nihola trikes have a wonderful 'Ackerman' steering mechanism which make them almost impossible to tip or roll even at speed. It's easy for kids to climb in and out themselves thanks to the low entry point, and the sloping frame makes it easy for the 'driver' to get on and off too. Even fully loaded with kids there is lots of space under the benches for bags, and you can also put panniers on the handy back rack if you really need to!

Contact us to book a test-ride, or book a Hire !  (You get your hire fee off the purchase price too.)

07725466842 or

The Nihola 4.0 we currently have in stock comes with three Y-belts (required to age 2) and the standard one lap-belt on each bench set that can go across 1 or 2 children. Consequently, all 4 pasengers can be safely strapped in.




** £100 off if you purchase before 31st December 2019! **​


SHADOW STEPS - by Azor - £4,993 with NuVinci continuous gear system, Tektro hydraulic disc brake at the front, and Magura hydraulic rim brakes at the rear for excellent braking capability and low chance of 'locking' (as rear wheel disc brakes can do). Based on their Bakfiets Long but even better! (if that is even possible). If you like Urban Arrow you will love this one even more. Smooth, sleek, comfortable and with a powerful Shimano Steps motor and in a beautiful green colourway, it's the best cargobike we've ever test-ridden. Yes, it really is the best in our experience!

Instead of a steel frame, its aluminum frame is made of double-walled spiderweb tubing, making the bike lighter and stiffer than its cousin the Bakfiets Long. The front and back panels of the box are the marine-grade plywood of the standard Bakfiets range, but with trampoline-style side walls yet more weight is shed, giving it a super-speedy profile and ease of handling. We strongly suspect that the small size of the holes doesn't allow in water droplets readily, so with the standard range of raintents that fit all the Bakfiets, the kids will stay cosy inside. We have a black extra-high raintent that we'd be happy to include for free with this purchase (normal price £302).

Contact us to book a test-ride! 07725466842 or


BERTUS by Azor - In stock NEW at £1,3997-Shimano gears, internal rollerbrakes, integrated rear wheel lock, front and back battery lights fitted and a rather cool 'steam punk' look!

We currently have a red raintent to keep children in the box warm and dry at the bargain price of £50 with this model (normally £207).

Officially you can fit 3 children inside the box with the addition of a second bench seat which is available at £90 plus a small fitting fee.

All of the Bakfiets accessories fit the Bertus too, so just ask if you'd like us to add anything.

Contact us to book a test-ride, or book a Hire !  (You get your hire fee off the purchase price too.)

07725466842 or


Fun demo above!  Current beautiful model below, with snazzy red raintent on special offer ~


Why choose CarryMe Bikes?

  • A big advantage is being able to hire a cargobike (or trailer) before you buy, so that you can fully make up your mind. We take your hire costs off your purchase price.
  • We provide a friendly, individually-tailored service in E5, East London.
  • You're choosing the ethical option, because when our margins allow, 5% of our sales go back into the community in the form of projects, events, and free hires for local fundraisers.
  • We specialise completely in cargobikes, family cycling and freight by bike.
  • If you place an order for a new cargobike, or buy one newly in stock, your first year of Basic Services is free. For all purchases, your first tune-up service (within 8 weeks) is free. Thereafter, services start at £55 for our purchase customers (£65 for other customers - those who have purchased their vehicle eleswhere). If you buy a discounted/ex-demo cargobike your first Basic Service is free (but not for a year!). We can ofgen (but not always) provide you with a 'courtesy cargobike' so that you're not without your favourite mode of transport!