First demonstration event with Dadda Yuba!

On Sunday we took our big black yuba - now named Dadda Yuba - over to the Mabley Green Festival of the Bicycle where much fun & jolly japes were had by many in the lovely sun. (He's called Dadda Yuba as he's the father of all the demonstration cargo bikes we're going to be show-casing to the people of Hackney and beyond!)

The festival was a roaring success, with bamboo bikes, Dr Bike, all ability cycling, Hackney Cycling Club putting on grass track races, tandems to ride, and of course Dadda Yuba available for folk to have a go on. Richard & I took excitable souls round on the back of the bike, and lots of people 'drove' it themselves with a willing partner or clan of children on the back!

A great success, with 30 people having a go on the bike and 80 people being given information about Carry Me.