Getting the low-down @ the school gates

As part of our work helping student Eva Martinez with her internship at the University of East London, I’ve been standing with Eva outside the school gates at various primaries in Hackney with clipboard and pen at the ready. We’ve been showing parents the cargo bike and quizzing them about cycling:

How many cars in their household? Do they cycle? (the ones pushing the bikes find this easy to answer). Have they ever carried kids on a bike? (the ones with child seats find this one easy to answer). Would they ever consider buying a cargo bike? What are the important factors to consider: safety, storage, what other people think?

In particular, Southwold Community Primary with its national champion cycling pupils (yes they are national champions) has been particularly welcoming, courtesy of its head teacher Gary Boyd who is very supportive of all things cycling. We’ve also noted a number of parents at the gates of London Fields Community Primary who already use cargo bikes on the school run. Watch this space for info on the research results.