Babboe Flow Mountain


The Babboe Flow’s unique design means just the steering moves; the wheels move independently from the box. This feels familiar as it handles like a regular bike. This family bike offers the stability of a three-wheel cargo bike combined with the familiar steering characteristics of a standard bike.

  • Stable cargo bike that handles like a regular bike
  • Unique design provides a familiar cycling experience
  • Powerful motor and smooth stepless shifting

We like this model because it’s a bit unusual, it feels so nice to steer, and it’s got a great traditional wooden box feel with cool curves. Add the children’s rain tent and it’s a cosy all-weather ride (for them, at least!). Plenty of room in the box: as well as having two kids on the bench seat that’s included, you could for example add a maxi cosi carrier for baby, or another seat for a third child.


A three-wheel cargo bike with the steering characteristics of a normal bicycle. The Babboe Flow Mountain is an electric three-wheel cargo bike, where you turn the handlebars but not the box. The front wheels rotate independently of the box in a bend. This gives a very familiar cycling experience.

‘Stepless’ continuously variable hub gears make the ride smooth and easy from a standing start. The Yamaha mid-drive motor is strong and reliable. If we have this one in stock and you’re looking for a sophisticated trike, you’ve got to try it!