Raleigh Pro Bike


Slender and manoeuvrable, this bike has no boundaries when it comes to delivering goods in the city. Available in white, the composite box has a 350l capacity and comes with a sturdy lock and opens on the handlebar side for easy access as you get off the bike. Eat up the hills with the mid-drive Yamaha motor.

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Raleigh have chosen the excellent Yamaha mid-drive e-assist for their Pro series of ecargobikes, a wise choice in our view. Strong and reliable, this system will help you tackle your goods deliveries with ease. It has a strong lockable composite box,  integrated lighting that works off the 500w battery, mudguards and a sturdy prop stand all included.

The Nuvinci stepless gears are easy to use, and hydraulic disc brakes both front and back provide you with excellent stopping power.

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Freight, Lockable box, Electric assist

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Two-wheel box bikes