Ridgeback MK5 etrike


The Ridgeback MK5 is a very spacious etrike that will carry 4 children inside the box with ease, or it can be a very handy delivery vehicle for small businesses doing local deliveries.

We love it because it has such a presence on the road! We’ve found that people who are anxious about balancing a heavily-laden two-wheeled cargobike can go as slow as they like on this one and it won’t tip – unless you go too fast around a corner!

It’s not built for steep hills, because the e-assist is just not powerful enough (it doesn’t have high enough ‘torque’), but it will give you the assistance that you need on gentle inclines so that you’re not completely puffed-out.

If you have a baby who needs to be carried in a MaxiCosi, this is one of the options that will work well. Baby and Toddler support seats made for boxbikes work well in this too.


From the school run to a day out at the park, the Ridgeback MK5 is the perfect E-bike for transporting children and large pets.

The spacious child-carrying bucket features padded bench seats equipped with individual seat belts. There’s even a removable waterproof cover to protect your passengers from the wind and rain, which is included in the price.

 The powerful Promovec rear hub motor offers 250-watts of pedalling assistance, powering you up hills and assisting you along flatter surfaces, with a range of up to 45km.

The three-wheel design provides stable handling and a comfortable ride for passengers up front.

Powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are built for all conditions and also feature a locking hand brake, stopping the bike from rolling when parked.

The dimensions for the MK5 are Width 80cm x Height 145cm x Length 240cm