Tern HSD S8i


The Tern HSD is “Mighty But Mini”. It’s a brilliant utility bike with a huge range of compatible accessories, whether you’re carrying a child or small adult up to 60g on the rear rack, shopping and daily life stuff, or perhaps you are a tradesperson or run a business where you need to haul up to 20kg on the front too.

With a low centre of gravity and fat, comfy 20 inch wheels you’ll find carrying everything a breeze. We know that occasionally customers pop a second child on the back although it’s designed to safely carry one. However, you can easily tow a trailer with the HSD. The excellent Bosch e-assist just eats up any hills and stops you getting tired. Team with the Duo Stand for stability, Clubhouse Mini for older kids, and Stormbox Mini for extra carrying space and weather protection. The Storm Shield Mini is also an option for extra cosiness!

The S8i model is our favourite: it’s the ‘in-between’ model of the Generation 1 series. It’s not the cheapest P9 model and it’s not the most expensive S+ model, it’s “just right” in the middle. With a Gates Carbon Belt Drive instead of a chain, coupled with Shimano’s Nexus 8 hub gears it’s a very smooth ride, convenient when you have to stop before changing down gears (as you can change gears when at a standstill), and pretty low maintenance too. The excellent hydraulic disc brakes will stop you promptly when required and the suspension front forks together with the adjustable handlebars help it be a very comfy ride.

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The Tern HSD models are a great range of ‘enormously useful, surprisingly smaller’ ecargobikes. Designed to carry one child or one small adult as a passenger, Tern have come up with an astonishing array of excellent accessories to make your life easier and ‘Haul Stuff Daily’!

The only Gen 1 HSDs that we have left (generation one) are the S8i versions in Arctic Grey, a lovely sophisticated light blue. Get them while you still can! They are excellent value and a very comfy, extremely useful ride.


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Freight, Electric assist, Family, 1 child