CarryMe Bikes works with others to run projects and find other ways of showing people how to carry freight or families by bike. We put some of our profits from sales, hires and events back into our community projects.

Current projects

We're very excited to be working with Hackney Family Cycling on the Family Cycling Package: three projects to help families cycle for transport.

The projects are:

Previous projects

These are just some of the people we've worked with:

  • We've worked with Sustrans Outspoken Delivery and the EU Cyclelogistics project to deliver a series of workshops for local businesses.
  • Local Councils on demo projects and events: in Tower Hamlets we looked at whether Meals on Wheels cold be delivered by cargobike; we ran a project with Redbridge Council using a pool of cargobikes for use by Council departments and local organisations; Enfield, Croydon and Waltham Forest amongst others have hired our Events Service.
  • When Meaghan McClure was a student at Goldsmiths, University of London she trialled a cargobike sharing system, amongst other cycling activities she set up. We provided the cargobikes and the advice.
  • Social enterprise Get More Bikes was just one community company that has used our cargo bikes at several events. They found them so useful that they bought one!
  • The Tower Hamlets Wheelers have used our bikes on their famous Glamour Ride - yes you can definitely ride a cargo bikes in heels and a dress!
  • The University of East London ran a student intern position during summer 2011 to look into the potential for cargo bikes in Hackney, one of the places in the UK most popular for ‘everyday cycling’: the cycling to work stats for Hackney are now over 14% according to the 2011 Cencus compared with the London average of 2%. Carry Me Bikes helped out student Eva Martinez to talk with local people at schools, nurseries and bike shops about cargo bikes.