Family Cycling Library

Theses sessions give families a chance to look at options of how to take their kids around, try out different kit on their bikes, have a go on a cargobike or two, then borrow cycling kit for a month until the next session so that they can get the right cycling solution for them.

If you've borrowed kit from a previous session, please bring it back at the start of the session so that others can borrow it :)


Sometimes we follow the Family Cycling Library with a Family Bike Ride . For more details, keep your eyes peeled for the Facebook events page! Check out the Hackney Family Cycling Facebook page in the meantime.

You are always welcome to bring a picnic, chat to other families, hang around, learn stuff about cycling with children and pass on your tips to other families!


2018 Dates

We got year 2 of our funding confirmed from Cycling Grants London !

Dates in the diary for 2018: 

Sunday 8th April      Check out what we did here and here (scroll to the right!)

Sunday 6th May       Check out what we did here and here 

Sunday 10th June

Sunday 8th July

All are at 11am in London Fields by the Lido! We've been finishing by 12:30pm in the past, but sometimes we can go through to 1pm - keep an eye on our social media for timings!



We've tried a session in conjunction with the Round Chapel Families Project  in Clapton Square during July 2017 which went really well, and another smaller session at the Village Green Playgroup in September.


The Family Cycling Library was set up by Ruth-Anna Macqueen during 2016 with donated items, lending them out like a 'library' to families who need to try out cycling kit for families. Families might be trying out kit before deciding what to buy, or borrowing equipment for a family cycling outing, for example. This helps families save money, and helps make the right decision to get the whole family cycling instead of going in the car or on public transport.

CarryMe Bikes C.I.C. worked with Ruth-Anna on Family Bike Rides to go with the Library, and then we put in a funding application to boost these activities, and add in a third element - the Tots & Parents cargobike sessions. Our application was successful!

With the funding from Cycling Grants London we have been able to boost the Library with new kit, more kit, and to link it with the Family Bike Rides, for which we also now have funding. Carryme Bikes is also offering one FREE cargobike hire per Library, so get in touch to find out more!

Contact the Family Bike Library to find out more about the Library in general, or check out Facebook page Hackney Family Cycling.


The Libraries have been a roaring success so far!! We hope to add some case studies and examples of feedback to this section soon.