FREE cargo bike try-out sessions for businesses in East London, 24 and 25 July 2013

Cycling clowns, monster hills, 32 degree heat, three parks, and over 100 school children

We had a great time in Southwark helping out on their Park to Park schools ride, acting as sag wagons for busyted bikes - and thankfully we didn't mneed to scoop up any kids! They were great - tackling hills there's no way I would have managed when I was their age. Well done everyone!

Bike Week fun in Croydon, Hackney and Haringey

Carry Me Bikes has been busy during Bike Week 2013 . We took part in the Hackney Cycling Showcase organised by the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney last Saturday in London Fields, and then the Bikers Breakfast in the same place on Wednesday, very early in the morning!

Local companies go mad for our cargo bikes during the Olympic Games period

Mango Couriers and Flavour Gateway are just two companies that hired out our Bakfiets and trailers during the Games 2012. There were traffic restrictions and people were encouraged not to use cars and vans.

Secret Cycling Santa service

This Christmas, east London-based Carry Me Bikes is offering a ‘Secret Cycling Santa service’ to deliver presents to children in Tower Hamlets and Hackney.

The price for a visit from Santa and his pedalling pixies will go towards raising funds for this new social enterprise to run other socially beneficial projects in the borough.

First demonstration event with Dadda Yuba!

On Sunday we took our big black yuba - now named Dadda Yuba - over to the Mabley Green Festival of the Bicycle where much fun & jolly japes were had by many in the lovely sun. (He's called Dadda Yuba as he's the father of all the demonstration cargo bikes we're going to be show-casing to the people of Hackney and beyond!)

Getting the low-down @ the school gates

As part of our work helping student Eva Martinez with her internship at the University of East London, I’ve been standing with Eva outside the school gates at various primaries in Hackney with clipboard and pen at the ready. We’ve been showing parents the cargo bike and quizzing them about cycling:

First family bike ride

Well it started to chuck it down with rain about 30 minutes before the ride was due to start! So unsurprisingly we had just two people turn up - thanks Alan and Jenny!

We had a chat about the Yuba Mundo cargo bike on show and Alan and Jenny admired it and asked a few searching questions about its capabilities. They seemed impressed with the answers, so please do come along to our next ride, even if you don’t want to come on the ride I’ll be there 15 minutes before the ride sets off, so there is time to chat and try out a cargo bike for yourself.

The Yuba hits the sales!

Yes, Richard and I found ourselves at the John Lewis sales by mistake. Our ironing board had mysteriously collapsed into pieces, and, feeling the need for some laundry purchases and a new printer, we ended up at the John Lewis Oxford Street collection point scratching our heads as we tried to convince ourselves that our trusty Yuba Mundo would definitely, yes definitely take the whole load.... somehow.

Family bike rides start in Hackney, 5th July 2011

We’ve now run our first ride as one of two preliminary rides to the funded CCFL rides. (Preliminaries..? It’s starting to sound a bit like the Tour de France, isn’t it? But it isn’t anything like that, don’t worry.) Gentle, easy rides in parks, on cycle tracks and very quiet roads, all aimed at families and anyone wanting to try out riding a cargo bike are running weekly all summer.


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