Catch us this Sunday in Stoke Newington!

This Sunday 15th May we'll be bringing our cool cargobikes to the Stoke Newington Common Users Group (SNUG) event - bike fix and plant sale. We'll be there between 2-4pm (event starts at 1pm) giving rides to little kids and letting sensible grown-ups have a go! So if you fancy trying out a couple of our hire bikes, come along and find us (and get your own bike fixed, and buy a plant).

Secret Cycling Santa service

This Christmas, east London-based Carry Me Bikes is offering a ‘Secret Cycling Santa service’ to deliver presents to children in Tower Hamlets and Hackney.

The price for a visit from Santa and his pedalling pixies will go towards raising funds for this new social enterprise to run other socially beneficial projects in the borough.

First family bike ride

Well it started to chuck it down with rain about 30 minutes before the ride was due to start! So unsurprisingly we had just two people turn up - thanks Alan and Jenny!

We had a chat about the Yuba Mundo cargo bike on show and Alan and Jenny admired it and asked a few searching questions about its capabilities. They seemed impressed with the answers, so please do come along to our next ride, even if you don’t want to come on the ride I’ll be there 15 minutes before the ride sets off, so there is time to chat and try out a cargo bike for yourself.


The Yuba hits the sales!

Yes, Richard and I found ourselves at the John Lewis sales by mistake. Our ironing board had mysteriously collapsed into pieces, and, feeling the need for some laundry purchases and a new printer, we ended up at the John Lewis Oxford Street collection point scratching our heads as we tried to convince ourselves that our trusty Yuba Mundo would definitely, yes definitely take the whole load.... somehow.