Buy a Cargobike

Carry your family around London and anywhere in the UK in style with no fuel costs and easy parking. Be climate-friendly!

Deliver goods to your customers and other businesses quickly, reliably, at low cost and with green credentials!

To find models available to BUY NOW, that are currently in stock at CarryMe in Hackney, check out our HIRE page: all our hire models are *usually* available to buy at any time. We are continuously renewing our hire fleet so keep an eye out for the one you want!

If you would be happy to wait, you can place an order with us and we will order one in for you from the supplier. Wait times vary from a week or two up to 6 months or more. Often, it’s good to purchase one we already have in stock – so check the HIRE pages for these ones.

Browse all of the models here (or use the filter below to refine your search).

Note: all our prices include VAT. Ask us for an official quote to get details of vehicle plus suitable accessories, and the VAT breakdown.

Which cargobike?

Alix wrote this article for Cycling UK which customers still find useful.

Suitable cargobikes for business

You need a cargobike for business? Check out our freight filter.

Suitable cargobikes for carrying children

If for your family, click on the number of children you need to carry. If you have a very young baby (2-9 months), click on ‘Maxi-Cosi‘. The ‘Melia/Weber‘ seats (3-9 months) are a more compact alternative to a Maxi-Cosi. Both types are designed for use in boxbikes only.

  • Number of children: 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • Baby 2-9 months: Maxi-Cosi seat (box bikes only)
  • Baby 3-9 months: Melia/Weber seat, a more compact alternative to a Maxi-Cosi (box bikes only)

Number of children

Baby seat

Test Rides

Curious? Need to find out more? We offer a Test Ride service here in Hackney.

Ways to Purchase

We belong to several cycle purchase schemes that will help you spread the cost of buying a cargobike.