• Kids on Bakfiets Short
    Bring practicality and fun to your family with a cargobike!

CarryMe Bikes is a community interest company based in Hackney, east London. Our mission is to enable families and businesses to switch to cargobikes and ecargobikes instead of cars and vans. Everyone benefits: it’s a great lifestyle choice, helps clean up our air, and reduces congestion too!

We are a Hackney business and also community organisation with amazing, dedicated staff and volunteers. By engaging with us you’ll be part of our fast-growing CarryMe family!

Contact Us

The CarryMe hotline is 07725 466842 where you can get advice about cargobikes, find out what’s available for you right now, and ask whatever you need to ask. There are no silly questions!

Emailing us is also a great way to get in touch: info@carryme.org.uk
You will receive an auto-reply email, where there’s a link to a little form. Please fill that in so that we can best meet your needs. Then we can talk further!

Cargo Bikes

Cargobikes are designed to carry heavy loads including children but also light freight and business cargo.

CarryMe sells both 2- and 3-wheeled versions. You may see them whizzing around east London!

We advise using electric assist to flatten those hills!

Family transport


Cargobikes are great for carrying children. Simply strap them in safely and away you go!

Children absolutely love travelling in cargobikes. They sit there, chat and play, read books and wave to people. In rainy, cold weather, waterproof canopies keep them dry and cosy.

And when not being used to carry children, cargobikes are ideal for carrying home the weekly shop.

Child seating solutions for your own cycle

We can fit a wide range of accessories to your own bike, including:

  • Bike trailers to attach to your own cycle.
  • Easy-fit child seats to suit all ages from the day a baby can sit upright until they are riding independently but need occasional help.

Business solutions


Deliver goods to your customers and other businesses quickly, reliably, at low cost and with green credentials!

A wide range of options available, from the tiny Bakfiets ‘Short’, the spacious Raleigh ‘Pro Trike’ and the enormous Urban Arrow ‘XL’.


The nippy, fast solution to your business transport needs.

We use Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano and Promovec systems. They are all safe, reliable and proven brands.

All bikes can be supplied with luggage racks and panniers.

Benefits of all cargo-carrying bikes

  • Last-mile deliveries
  • Low running costs
  • Faster and more reliable than driving
  • No parking hassle – park anywhere!
  • Easy charging at base – no time wasted at petrol stations.
  • Low insurance costs

CarryMe Bikes in the Community

As a Community Interest Company, we are a Hackney social enterprise that runs projects in the community. This is what sets us apart from other cargobike retailers!

Check out the projects we’ve run and the people we’ve helped on our Community pages.