Cargobike Repairs & Maintenance

You’ve invested in a cargobike, it now makes sense to keep it in tip-top condition!

Here at our Hackney base in east London we have a well-stocked maintenance workshop. When carrying your precious cargo you want to be sure that you’re safe. Parts do wear, and some are ‘consumables’ which mean that they will periodically need to be replaced. Examples are disc brake pads, which work hard on heavy cargobikes travelling at speed. Or chains on e-bikes with derailleur gears in particular. Some elements will need a tune-up every now and then. There are simple things you must do yourself – like keep the tyres pumped and the ebike battery charged up – but we’re happy to do the rest!

Also, should you ever wish to sell it (with a heavy heart, we think!), if it’s been looked after with regular maintenance it’ll fetch a great price.

Note that we only do maintenance work on brands and models that we sell. Why? Because there are a lot of specialist parts in the cargobike world.

Happiness is a well-tuned cycle.

Free first six months of Basic Services for your cargobike

All our cargobikes receive a thorough pre-delivery inspection and assembly. We also offer you 6 months of free Basic Services once you’ve purchased your cargobike – either new or ‘nearly new’ from our Hire fleet. Book your first free service when you buy.

Your 6 months is unlocked if you bring it back for the first one within 3 months (ideally sooner). After that, every 6 months is enough for normal use. After 6 months, your Basic Service price will be at our Purchase Customer rate which is currently £75. Please note, terms apply.

Cargobike Maintenance

Our expert mechanics have years of experience and have specialist knowledge of cargobikes. We will tighten up those bolts and wires, adjust the brakes and deal with any little gremlins. Your cycle will be well looked after, pampered, preened and ready to roll.

We are happy to undertake work on cargobikes only – sorry, we do not service ‘standard’ bicycles. Try our nearby friends A&S Cycles or Hub Velo for that.

Our Basic Service price is currently £85 if you did not buy it from us. Please note that we prioritise customers who have bought the vehicle from us. It makes sense – we do have to put them first. So please don’t be offended if you have to wait a bit because we’re booked up with our purchase customers.

Ex-demo Maintenance

If you buy an ex-demo cargobike from us, rest assured it will have had frequent safety checks and services from CarryMe whilst in our Hire fleet. When it is sold, it will be sold as it is, with our expectation that there will be no more likelihood of technical issues than if it was new. Bring it back to us for servicing and your Basic Service will be at our Customer Price (currently £75).