Cargobike Test Rides

If you really don’t know yet what type of cargobike to Hire, or Buy, then you can book a Test Ride. You will get our full attention for one or two hours, plus expert advice, instruction and information to ensure a safe, comfortable and enlightening experience!

If you go on to buy a vehicle from us within three months you’ll get the full £50 or £85 off the price, no matter which vehicle you end up purchasing.

How do I organise a Test Ride?

Discuss your needs with us in advance and tell us if there is anything in particular you’re looking to try. It’s OK if you have no idea at this stage. We will talk it through with you. If you decide to book a test ride, pay the Test Ride invoice and we’ll get the model(s) ready for you in advance. Then visit our premises at an agreed appointment time.

One Hour slot: £50
If it’s just one adult coming to try, you can often try 3 cargobikes within the hour. But if it’s two adults trying, then it’s more realistic that you’ll be able to try 2 cargobikes. For business use, one hour is fine for one adult.

Two Hour slot: £85
This is more realistic if you want to bring the whole family and take turns between you and your partner, get the kids involved on the bike too, and try up to 3 cargobikes. For business use, if you want more than one staff member to be trying the bikes, again we recommend the 2-hour option (you don’t have to take the full 2 hours).

Can I Test Ride then take one away for a Hire?

Normally we’d book a Hire with you to collect on another occasion, as it depends on the model’s availability in the Hire scheme, and it might take some time to prepare it the way you want it. We also require you to obtain insurance for the duration of your hire (we can help you do this at no cost) and to pay the Hire fees in advance. But if the stars align and you can get the fees paid and insurance organised while you’re here, then yes, do take one away afterwards. But do not be in a rush! The safety handovers take time, we need to have staff available for this.

Which ones can I test ride?

We normally store our smaller models at our premises such as Tern GSD, HSD, and QuickHaul, Veloe Multi, and Bakfiets Short. So they will normally be available unless they are all out on hire or all purchased. Most of our larger boxbikes are off-site, such as Nihola trikes, Urban Arrow, Raleigh boxbikes, Bakfiets Long or Shadow, etc. We can normally fetch one of those for you, maybe two. 

We cannot always guarantee exactly which models you can try, because someone may have just purchased the model and we might be waiting for the next one to arrive from the manufacturer, but we will normally have a range very close to – if not exactly – what you wanted to test-ride. It will still be extremely useful for you to ride different examples of the type of cargobike you had in mind, as a great starting point on your cargobike journey.

Hybrid Hire / Test Ride appointment

Alternatively you can discuss your needs with us over the phone and by email and then go straight to booking a Hire for £160 per week and £200 deposit for one particular cargobike. When you come to collect at the Safety Handover, we can often allow you to Test Ride another model you were interested in, at no extra cost (subject to availability!).

Contact us to book a Test Ride.