About CarryMe

Alix with cargobike
Alix is the Founding Director

CarryMe Bikes C.I.C. is a social enterprise based in East London which helps families, tradespeople, businesses, services and indeed anyone move their precious cargo by bicycle instead of by car or van.

Making cycling practical and easy when you’ve got stuff to carry – making cycling a good substitute for the car – is one of the main purposes of CarryMe Bikes.

We’ve been up to all sorts since we started in 2012, developing the business and doing plenty of the ‘social’ aspect of the social enterprise too – helping local community groups and taking part in research and events. We are a registered Community Interest Company, which means we use our assets and profits for public good.

You can check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as the pages here.

At the beginning, we were lucky enough to receive our first grant from the Community Cycling Fund for London (CCFL) in 2011, so in 2012 we ran a series of family bike rides in Hackney and helped market traders on Chatsworth Road, showing how cargobikes can be used. This fund was set up by Transport for London and is now called the Walking and Cycling Grants London.

The main commercial element of our work is retailing cargobikes and ecargobikes, so check out our Buy and Hire pages to see what we offer. We offer cargobike maintenance and repairs too, to keep your show on the road. All of this supports the social element of our work, as well as grant funding when we can get it.

We love helping people to transport their precious cargo in a healthy, good value, environmentally friendly and practical way.