Ways to Buy a Cargobike

Direct payments

If you’re buying one you’ve got on hire, and paying directly, we’d appreciate the full balance ASAP in one hit.

If you’re wanting to pay directly and order one in, please talk to us about putting down a deposit commitment payment so that we can order it in for you, then paying the balance on collection.

Talk to us if you need to spread the payments, interest-free.

Salary sacrifice schemes with CarryMe Bikes

If you’re planning on buying a cargobike through us by using a salary sacrifice scheme through your PAYE, it helps if you get your ducks in a row and be ready to go through the process. This is important in particular if you’re planning on doing our try-before-you-buy scheme then keeping the bike and making payment through a scheme, as it can take some weeks to set it up with your employer. Due to the prices of cargobikes and the admin involved, some customers experience problems in some key areas, so we strongly recommend that you find out these particular circumstances ahead of a hire.

What you need to find out (and tell us!):

1) Which scheme does your employer use? We are with Green Commute Initiative, My Benefits World, Cyclescheme.co.uk, Bike2Work, Enjoy Benefits, Cycle Solutions, Gogeta, Evans ‘Ride to work’, and Vivup. We can usually join others, but note that we will not be joining the Halfords scheme ‘Cycle2Work’.

2) Can you do it straight away or do you need to wait until a specific window in the year, or is there any other reason why you have to wait?

3)  Does your employer set a spend limit on the scheme? They don’t have to but many employers do anyway (sometimes £3,000 or £5,000 for example). We are not allowed to let you make top-up payments for the bike itself, but let’s talk about it if you have a problem here. A separate payment is possible for accessories, for example. GCI offers a kind of loan scheme. Talk to us about your situation.

Please contact us to find out more about the different schemes we work with, and how they interact with our own try-before-you-buy ‘Hire’ scheme.

TfL scrappage scheme

TfL in London is currently offering grants for businesses to scrap their non-ULEZ compliant vehicle and invest in a green machine – like an ecargobike!

Your business is in Islington, Tower Hamlets or Hackney?

If your business is based in one of these London boroughs, consider joining ZEN, because periodically they open a Workplace Travel Plan grant scheme which can help your business purchase a cargobike.

Team London Bridge

Is your business “along and around London’s Low Line corridor in the London Borough of Southwark”? You may be able to gain access to a grant of up to £1,500 to buy a cargobike.

Tower Hamlets

In December 2023/Jan 2024 the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is offering a scheme for small businesses who want to try an ecargo-bike. Get in touch with us to find out more.