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Christmas Baby Biking – in Hackney!

See our Latest News recent post – if you’re a Hackney resident you can borrow child seats, trailers and gadgets over the Christmas period to get ahead of the curve before Spring 2024!

Baby Biking!

The London Borough of Waltham Forest has been very supportive in recent years of our Baby Biking project, which is just the name we use the for the Family Cycling Library in Waltham Forest.

The Library basically lends out family cycling equipment to families who normally have their own bike, but need to find out what is the best way for them to carry their child or children.

It can be really confusing for new parents to know where to start, equipment can be expensive and no-one wants to waste money, mums may have not cycled since having their first baby, and subsequently lost some confidence.

This is where Baby Biking comes in. We have held Masterclasses on how to carry your kid by bike, and we help families choose and fit a child seat, trailer, or tag-along. People feel supported, there are no silly questions, and we even advise and help them get their own bike better set up for carry kids: we’ve fitted safe double kickstands in the past and we advise over the types of bikes to buy if the parent/carer hasn’t yet got their own bike. Some bikes are better than others for carrying kids!

SEND families

We’re hoping to run a project helping families with children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities. We’re not specialists in all-ability cycling – we leave that up to the experts such as Pedal Power, Bikeworks and Wheels for Wellbeing – but we know from some of our existing customers that families with kids who have mild to moderate SEND can be very effectively helped with cargobikes.