Ways to Purchase

We belong to several cycle purchase schemes that will help you spread the cost of buying a cargobike.

Our exciting range of three-wheeled boxbikes give you more flexibility to carry more ‘stuff’, and they are also popular with the less confident rider. Although they are big, you can travel as slowly as you like and they’re not going to tip over: there’s no need to pick up speed quickly in order to balance, as with the two-wheeled boxbikes.

Larger trikes can carry up to five children, although we strongly recommend electric-assist for this kind of load! There are even models specifically designed for the family dog, such as the Nihola Dog and the Babboe Go Mountain. Needless to say, kids absolutely love them, as there’s loads of room for games and books to come in for the ride too.

The latest versions feature a ‘carve’ function which makes the trikes more stable on cambers (paths and roads with a steep drainage slope from edge to middle) because they behave more like two wheelers. One example is the Babboe Carve Mountain. This feature doesn’t suit everyone though, so if you’re looking for a slow yet stable large-volume vehicle, go for a trad trike instead like the Ridgeback MK5, Raleigh Stride 3, or the easy-to-steer Nihola, which is one of our favourites (yes I know, we shouldn’t really have favourites!).

For businesses, trikes are ideal. A far cry from the traditional bulky, awkward ice cream trike, our cargo trikes are easy to use and provide plenty of space for your business needs – in flat-bed form or with open or closed carrier boxes. They have also proved popular with parks and gardens staff in Victoria Park where withstand plenty of rough treatment.

In most cases we recommend buying the electric-assist version, especially where there are hills and heavier loads. However, lighter models such as the Nihola Family are well-geared and are suitable for use without a motor in lightly undulating areas.

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