Ways to Purchase

We belong to several cycle purchase schemes that will help you spread the cost of buying a cargobike.

Like a ‘regular’ bike, but longer! Longtails and midtails feature a longer, built-in rear carrier rack which is usually strong enough to carry adults or children. Our favourites come complete with capacious panniers which provide more than enough space for the weekly shop. The rear rack is designed to take two Yepp child seats without the need for an adapter.

Longtails may be long, but they are also slim, and therefore you can store them relatively easily. We even sell partially-folding models which give you just a little more ‘wriggle room’ in the hallway without protruding handlebars. Our favourite model is actually the same length as a regular cycle.

Longtails are suitable for families and businesses alike. One of our mechanics absolutely loves his Tern GSD. We can also relate the experiences of the many people who have hired our longtails and enjoyed the benefits of using them.

Last but very much not least… We’ve also used this page to display other cycles… We particularly like the wonderful, infinitely adaptable Circe tandem that’s just made for the flexible family. Take a look and prepare to be inspired!

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