Circe Helios Omnis Triplet


This option in the amazingly versatile Helios range from Circe is a section that can be added into the middle of the ‘splittable’ Tandem, to make three pedallers on one bike! So you can pilot the bike and have two children contributing some effort! Add a rear rack and you can carry a third child. (And you may be able to squeeze a fourth child on a front child seat such as a Yepp or BoBike mini!) The price here is for the whole bike (Triplet + splittable Tandem). Later on, you can remove the Triplet, remove the second seat-post and add in the Brut rear freight trays to create a fantastic longtail cargobike.

Do consider various accessories such as crank-shorteners for little legs, and a Brompton block for the front so that you can fit a Brompton bag on (very handy). We also have rear racks that will fit (they have to be quite specific to fit the Circe Helios with its small 20 inch wheels). So – get in touch by email or phone and we can discuss accessories that will work for you.

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Compact and relatively light. Versatile and adaptable as your family grows or your needs change. Its modular set-up allows for dismantling for transport by car or train.

Please note: ?3,725 is the base price for the 8-speed version, if you are ordering the whole thing new (which includes one set of crank-shorteners for little legs), but without many accessories that we would consider essential for urban riding: a rear rack, lights, mudguards, a stand….. Additionally, Cyclecentric supply the bikes without pedals as they expect you to choose pedals, so we can suggest some pedals to supply to you, which again will be an extra cost.

If you already own the Circe Helios tandem, you can send it back to Cyclecentric to be split and for them to insert a Triplet section for you, in order to upgrade, for a different price.