Nihola Low


Please note: this is the price without any of the child seats. Please account for an extra £308 inc VAT for the bench seat plus all the seat belts and cushions. For carrying one child you could instead install a rear child seat from £80 and leave the box at the front for ‘stuff’.

The Nihola Low is a great little compact trike which is not overwhelming or difficult to handle. It’s an excellent compact trike for carrying just one child, or two children. At a push you can carry three by having two in the box and one on the back on an added child seat. It will be snug for the kids with two in the box! If you need to carry 3, try the Family or 4.0 versions.

Small business users can carry a fairly decent load inside the box with great stability, even at higher speeds and round corners. Yoga teachers and bread delivery are some examples. It’s not the trike for large loads and long journeys – in the Nihola range, check out the 4.0 or 4.0-E for that.


We love the Nihola trikes. With very stable steering and a compact design they’re one of the easiest to ride. The Nihola Low is a great little compact trike which is not overwhelming or difficult to handle. Proudly used by the Danish Royal Family, the Nihola range is classically Danish in its design. The steel construction is lightened by the careful use of materials to produce a lightweight trike with a low centre of gravity, stability and great cornering.

This non-electric Low has 8 Shimano Nexus 8 gears, drum brakes on the two front wheels, and standard V brakes on the rear. Nihola do not make a child’s raintent for this box (they do for the other Nihola models) but customers have found that the Flat Cover for the box is very effective at keeping their little laps warm and dry – just add an umbrella!

Includes: 42 cm frame, box colour: black, approved Axa wheel lock, quick release on saddle, Schwalbe Marathon Plus puncture-resistant tyres – very important!

The Electric assist version of this comes with rear rack mounted battery – see the Nihola Low E model.

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Non-electric assist, Family, Maxicosi, 2 children