Ridgeback Butcher

Original price was: £2,899.Current price is: £1,500.

  • Originally £2,899, our Ridgeback Butcher electric model is now discounted to £1,500 inc VAT. It’s designed for business freight or perhaps shopping or light cargo. We’ve put our minds to finding ways to easily carry little ones too: with a Maxi Cosi support bracket that we have in stock you could carry a baby in the front basket and with an Urban Iki rear seat you can carry another one up to 22kg (approx 4-6 yo). Or with an adaptor bracket we have in stock you can carry a child up to 15kg (approx 3 yo) in the front basket and still have lots of room for bags and ‘stuff’.
    It’s a FAB bargain at £1,500 with a very nippy Promovec electric assist which is fully supported in the UK and of course we cover all maintenance issues and warranties with the manufacturer. It’s also a fairly compact bike as cargo bikes go, so storing it isn’t so much of a headache as longer boxbikes or wider trikes.
    Due to the crossbar, you will need to be able to swing your legs over, unless you don’t have a child seat at the back. It’s the Small/Medium model, and you can see that James here who’s kindly modelling for us shows that the bike still fits taller people nicely.



    • Compact and adaptable, the Ridgeback Butcher is an E-Cargo bike that is perfectly proportioned to carry small and medium-sized loads.
    • The traditional two-wheel design and slim front basket area helps when negotiating narrower roads, while delivering excellent carrying capability.
    • The rear hub drive Promovec motor delivers 250-watts of pedalling assistance, perfect to help when fully loaded or encountering climbs.
    • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes give assured stopping in all conditions, with mudguards, lights and a stand completing a practical package.
    • Weight – 34.7kg (Size Large) – Ours is the small/medium one.