Tern Clubhouse Seat Pad


The Clubhouse Seat Pad provides a comfy seat cushion for one big kid on any of the Clubhouse carriers. Its modular design gives you full freedom to build setups that suit your family’s needs—whether that’s school drop-offs, grocery hauls, or more!


Provides a cushioned seat pad for one big kid* on any Clubhouse carrier
Combine with the Clubhouse Backrest to create a cozy cabin for one big kid—turn that space into a fun hangout for two by adding an extra seat pad
Use with a rear child seat to offer a simple solution for carrying an older kid plus a younger one
Ergonomically designed for kiddie comfort
Tool-free easy-on, easy-off design for quick transitions between carrying kids and cargo
Waterproof for all-weather use—because nobody likes to sit on a wet sponge!
*Approx. 5 – 10 years old, 110 – 140 cm (3’7″ – 4’7″) tall