Bike 43 ‘Alpster’ Nexus 5 Bosch, Summer edition.


We have the bike43 Summer edition with the Nexus 5 in the limited edition Almond Green.

We love Bike 43 because it’s a super comfy ride and can carry loads of kids! If you’re looking for a really versatile longtail with excellent e-assist that can carry 3 kids or even 4, try the elegant and comfortable Bike 43. With balloon tyres, a nice sit-up riding position and their patented ‘footbox’ to allow 3 kids at the back, it’s a unique design with great warranties and lots of fun kit you can add to it for weather protection and to suit older kids as well as little ones – even carrying an adult with ease.

The electric assist options are either Shimano E6100 or Bosch Cargo Line. This Bosch model comes with ‘Heavy Duty’ Enviolo gears in Automatiq mode, Manual or the Nexus 5 edition.

It’s 2m long but when you ride it you feel like you’re riding a pretty ‘normal’ ebike, it’s simply not a big deal to handle. The bike is ultra-customizable with more than 20 accessories. You can turn it into a ?family van? with three kids at the back and one baby at the front or turn it into a cargo transportation facility for groceries or tools. Other accessories include a rain cover, bags, an animal basket, a MaxiCosy adaptor, and more.

It’s easy to get on and enjoy due to the low-step frame. You can also opt for the Speedlifter to adjust the handlebar, as well as adjustable saddle height as standard.


If you’re looking for a classy and smooth ride with high quality components then look no further. Choose from Bosch or Shimano e-assist and a range of colours for the CroMo steel frame. Bike 43 have gone for lightweight CroMo steel, well-known to be a ‘living’ material that provides a more comfortable ride. Ultimate proof of quality: the frame is guaranteed for life.

  • Bosch Cargo Line:
    • Load Capacity: Up to 170 kg
    • Motor: Bosch Cargo Line (85Nm)
    • Battery: Bosch 725Wh
    • Gears: 5 speed nexus ebike hub gear.
    • Color Options: Almond Green
    • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes 4 pistons
    • Features: Best-in-class ergonomics, stability, easy ride, versatility (up to 3 kids, groceries, pet-friendly), towing capability, reliability (lifetime frame warranty, puncture-resistant tires, low maintenance)