Bike 43 ‘Performance’ (Shimano Steps e-assist)


We love Bike 43 because it’s a super comfy ride and can carry loads of kids! If you’re looking for a really versatile longtail with excellent e-assist that can carry 3 kids or even 4, try the elegant and comfortable Bike 43. With balloon tyres, a nice sit-up riding position and their patented ‘footbox’ to allow 3 kids at the back, it’s a unique design with great warranties and lots of fun kit you can add to it for weather protection and to suit older kids as well as little ones – even carrying an adult with ease.

The electric assist options are either Shimano E6100 or Bosch Cargo Line. This Shimano model comes with the Nexus 5 manual gears made specially for ebikes.

It’s 2m long but when you ride it you feel like you’re riding a pretty ‘normal’ ebike, it’s simply not a big deal to handle. The bike is ultra-customizable with more than 20 accessories. You can turn it into a ?family van? with three kids at the back and one baby at the front or turn it into a cargo transportation facility for groceries or tools. Other accessories include a rain cover, bags, an animal basket, a MaxiCosy adaptor, and more.

It’s easy to get on and enjoy due to the low-step frame. You can also opt for the Speedlifter to adjust the handlebar, as well as adjustable saddle height as standard.


If you’re looking for a classy and smooth ride with high quality components then look no further. Choose from Bosch or Shimano e-assist and a range of colours for the CroMo steel frame. Bike 43 have gone for lightweight CroMo steel, well-known to be a ‘living’ material that provides a more comfortable ride. Ultimate proof of quality: the frame is guaranteed for life.

  • Shimano E6100 Cargo:
    • Load Capacity: Up to 170 kg
    • Motor: Shimano E6100 Cargo (60 Nm)
    • Battery: Shimano 630Wh
    • Gears: Standard 5 speeds (Nexus 5 manual)
    • Color Options: Anthracite, Turquoise, Raspberry, Broom yellow
    • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes 2 pistons
    • Features: Ergonomic design, stability, easy ride, versatility (up to 3 kids, groceries, pet-friendly), towing capability, reliability (lifetime frame warranty, puncture-resistant tires, low maintenance)

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