Circe Helios Omnis Tandem


The Circe Helios range by Cyclecentric are designed and assembled in Britain, and are a compact, light solution for carrying multiple children or freight. A key advantage is that they can be carried fairly easily up steps and squeezed into narrow hallways, having a security advantage over boxbikes. And as your family grows you can adapt your kit. The Omnis Tandem can be purchased in a ‘split’ version for easy transportation by car or train, or even so that you can upgrade to insert a Triplet piece in the middle as more children arrive! The Tandem can take 3 children plus an adult by having one on the front in a Yepp Mini front seat, one as a stoker doing the pedalling behind you, and one on a rear child seat on a rear rack.


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The kids can help pedal this one! Split the work and help your children get used to cycling while you’re still fully in control. This brand has an amazing array of combinations of kit and we love their Omnis tandems and triplet arrangements.

Please note: ?2,299 is the base price for the 8-speed version, without many accessories that we would consider essential for urban riding: a rear rack, lights, mudguards, a stand….. Additionally, Cyclecentric supply the bikes without pedals as they expect you to choose pedals, so we can suggest some pedals to supply to you, which again will be an extra cost. Also consider that for little kids the Crank Shorteners are a great idea, again at an extra cost. So do expect the total spend to be well over ?2,500.