Veloe Multi Lungo Shimano


New to the Range of the already amazing bikes from Veloe, think of the Lungo as the bigger brother to the Multi, more is very much more in this case. With a longer wheelbase and rack, the Lungo is designed to carry that little bit extra.

With a lower centre of gravity, due to the 20 x 24 inch wheel set up, the bike naturally inspires a confident riding experience from the outset.

Currently we are only taking special orders for the Lungo but do intend to have a test bike in the near future.


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multi vs. multi lungo. 

When comparing Veloe® multi with multi lungo – you’ll see similarities and differences. At first – it’s a totally different frame: build with a 20 inch rear wheel and a 24 inch front wheel.

What else is different?

  • new multi lungo frame
  • longer rear rack (77 cm)
  • reinforcement of the rear rack
  • longer chain or beltdrive
  • longer wheelbase (186 cm)

Go the extra mile at 25 km/h.

By choosing Bosch or Shimano – count on experience in eBike engine development with innovative ambition. Both engines are top-notch quality in production of eBikes.

Bosch Cargoline: a drive unit for every transport job. By choosing Bosch, your rider experience gets you on the next level. Continuous component updates and customise riding modes on the eBike Flow app. Moving heavy loads up steep inclines becomes a breeze. From £4749.00

Shimano EP6: Enjoy a sporty way of riding Veloe® multi lungo by choosing the wonderful EP6 mid-engine. With 85 Nm it delivers a powerful e-support up to 25 km/h. It’s light, quiet and compact! From £4299.00

77 cm long rear rack.

With its 77 cm long rear rack ‘multi lungo‘ attracts riders that expect a little extra: space for luggage and space left whenever you need. Traveling with kids? Combine with two child seats with enough space for both.

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Electric assist, Family, 1 child, 2 children, 3 children