Veloe Multi with Shimano e-assist (EP6-418WH)


With the lovely Shimano EP6 e-assist helping you to glide gracefully along at speed, the Veloe Multi is a really classy ‘town bike on steroids’ which amazingly can carry up to 3 children. See photos for the Front Saddle Seat which can carry a kid between approx age 4-8 years old. Then on the back have two more. We’ve had customers ferrying 10 year olds round on this!

The Veloe is comfy, elegant and not much bigger than a ‘standard’ bicycle. All sorts of accessories make this bike super practical; some of the Tern accessories fit it (their Cargohold 37 panniers for HSD are an excellent fit for example, as are the Sidekick Joyride bars) and the MIK fitting system for baskets and crates makes removable items easy-peasy for better parking and storage.

It’s available in a variety of lovely colours, and currently (March 2024) we have Shimano electric assist models with the Nexus-5e hub gears (designed for use with e-assist), 400w battery and standard bicycle chain. In stock now in a beautiful Reseda Green and a classy Matt Grey. We can also order in Burnt Orange or any RAL colour for a surcharge.


For Italian style combined with cargobike practicality, look no further. Enjoy the comfy balloon tyres and elegant upright handlebars for easy vision in traffic. When you’re not carrying the kids, it’s a wonderful bike in its own right, and you would have no idea that it can be a serious load-hauler, it’s so easy to ride. You can even set it up in Freight mode with a large rear tray, huge panniers and big capacity front rack.

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Electric assist, Family, 1 child, 2 children, 3 children