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£4,420 are one of the original manufacturers of boxbikes and one of the best. Based in the Netherlands – the heart of European cycling – they have worked for years to produce a popular and enduring brand of two-wheeled boxbikes and trikes.

The Bakfiets Short is one of the most compact boxbikes out there, but can still carry up to 3 children: two in the box and one on the back in a child seat up to 22kg (approx age 5-6). If you find other two-wheeled boxbikes a bit intimidating, give the Short Classic a chance as it’s easier to ride, park, manoeuvre and store. It’s still longer than a ‘standard’ bike, but has a great carrying capacity, and this acoustic version is great value for money. It’ll keep its value, so look after it and when you’ve finally outgrown it some years later it’ll fetch a great second-hand price.

The electric-assist model at this price has 5 Shimano Nexus gears (known as Nexus 5e, developed for use with electric assist) and rollerbrakes front and back as standard. The same version but with hydraulic disc brakes front and back is £4,720 inc VAT.

Fully glued and screwed marine ply cargo box | Weatherproof tent with clear panels | Bench for two children with safety belts | Easy to use four-footed stand giving complete stability when parking and loading | Rack as standard, which can also take a child seat |


We tend to order in the Classic version of this bike which we feel is more practical for London than the Cruiser, with its built-in rear rack for extra ‘stuff’ (or a third child) and tough tyres. carefully choose the components for this bike so that they are long-lasting and easy to use. For example, they only use hub gears which are low maintenance and you can change gear when you’re stationery. So when you stop and you’ve forgotten to change down gears, you can easily do that with a Bakfiets! They also provide roller brakes as standard, which will hardly need any attention over the years, but you can order this one with hydraulic disc brakes instead. It comes fully kitted out with mudguards, dynamo lights, coat/skirt guards and a comfy saddle. The electric version has Schwalbe Cargo tyres as standard, very tough, and your chance of a flat is much reduced. All very convenient for the family bike!

The Children’s Raintent, which comes in a variety of colours, is not included in the price but can be bought separately, or try the significantly lower cost Flat Cover for the box which keeps the kids’ laps warm and dry if you peel it back like a sardine can!

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Non-electric assist, Family, 1 child, Maxicosi, Melia/Weber baby seats, 2 children, 3 children

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