Tern Clubhouse +


Transform your GSD into a minivan with the Clubhouse+. Use it with the included seatpad and backrest to create a comfy, enclosed space for two kids. Swap out the seat cushions for a Eurocrate and it becomes a heavy-duty grocery hauler. It’s more fun than a car seat any day.


  • Comfortably carries two big kids from 5 – 10 years old, 110 – 140 cm tall (3’7″ – 4’7″)
  • Comes with seat pads and reclining backrest
  • Includes bar tape for added rail-padding
  • Includes Child Seat Expansion Bar to support one child seat in the rear position—may fit up to two compatible child seats
  • Designed with extended side rails for added hand protection
  • Converts in seconds to a heavy-duty grocery-hauler, built to fit a 600 X 400 mm Eurocrate
  • Includes four bottle mounts for water bottles, coffee mugs, and locks
  • Supports vertical parking when Flat Bar is used
  • Note on dimensions and weight: The Clubhouse+ measures 687 × 552 × 256 mm (w/ Flat Bar) and 795 × 552 × 256 mm
  • (w/ Child Seat Expansion Bar), and weighs 2.77 kg (w/ Seat Pad and Flat Bar) and 1.78 kg (w/ Child Seat Expansion Bar)