Two-wheel box bikes

Our range of manual and powerful electric-assist box bikes (or ‘bakfiets’ in Dutch) are fun, fast and manoeuvrable for family and business. Being two wheeled, they are easier to store than trikes – and, after just a little practice, most people find them just as easy to ride. Easy-to-use prop stands provide stability when the bikes are being loaded and unloaded. Powerful electric assist options mean you can move quickly from a standstill – essential in traffic.

Box bikes are great for families. Kids absolutely love them, and there are plenty of options for raintents, Maxi-Cosi supports, cushions and additional child seats on the rear carriers. All our cargo bikes come with adjustable child seatbelts.

Meet your business needs with any cargo bike from our range – especially popular are our extra long flatbed long cargo bikes onto which you can strap goods, and large cargo bikes with secure ‘flight cases’ made from lightweight material. Our customers have made exciting adaptations to carry anything from computer equipment to plastic-free food deliveries.

Test Rides

Curious? Need to find out more? We offer a Test Ride service here in Hackney.

Ways to Purchase

We belong to several cycle purchase schemes that will help you spread the cost of buying a cargobike.

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